The nature in the surroundings of B&B ’t Nagtegaeltje makes it an ideal place for walking and cycling.

There are extensive cycling and walking route networks where we live. You can easily cycle/walk from reference point to reference point. You determine your route and the number of kilometers you like to cycle.

The B&B is also situated along the Peppelroute, a 50km cycling tour which leads you through the typical poplar landscape for which Sint-Oedenrode is renowned.

The Brabants Vennenpad is a walking route which passes the B&B. It is a 230km walking tour around Eindhoven, showing you the origins of the typical rural landscape of that part of Brabant.

National cycling routes such as the LF13 (Rhein-Schelde route) and LF7 (Oeverland route) pass within one kilometer.
Also passing our B&B is the Vresselaarroute, an ATB route of 32 km, part of an ATB signposted route network of 225 km in the Groene Woud.

Especially for our guests we have various walking ( 8.5 to 21.5km) and cycling ( 40 to 65km) routes.
Startingpoint B&B ’t Nagtegaeltje.