Bed and Breakfast ’t Nagtegaeltje is located in the beautiful countryside of Sint-Oedenrode (Nijnsel, Vressel) in a very quiet rural environment. The B&B is in a separate building, a converted barn near our cottage “Ter Molenstraete” a formerly “Brabant long front farmhouse”. The site is about 5000 m2 with an orchard, frog pool, vegetable garden and landscaped garden with several ponds and all kinds of indigenous plants. Birds like robin, magpie, blackbird, wren, blue tit, heron, woodpecker, wren, wagtail, kingfisher, flemish jay and great tit are regular guests.

In short a lovely place to escape the daily stress.
For total relaxation go for our ‘den Engel’ wellness arrangement.



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For centuries people have lived here. Already in 1816 the place in the hamlet of Vressel was mentioned in a notarial act as a homestead with surrounding pastures and arable land. In ancient house lists habitation was mentioned in 1736. Even before 1500 an ancient mansion called Ter historic nameMolenstraete was situated here. At the front of our farmhouse you will see the name Ter Molenstraete. It reminds of the past.

The fact that the place has been inhabited for such a long time is probably due to the fact that the river Dommel is very near. It is also possible that the well with pure drinking-water was an important factor. Even today the well is still there. As far as we know now the cottage of today has always been a small farmhouse in which agricultural workers and makers of wooden shoes lived. It is over hundred years old and has been renovated more than once. At the back of the garden there is a little hovel in which the clogs used to be made.

The farmhouse is no longer in use as a farm but a modern private house.

The name ’t Nagtegaeltje is the name of a plot of land which was owned by the inhabitant of the farm around 1800. In those days plots of land were given a name not a number. Other plots of land in those days were the Molewey and the Bieswey, now the names of our guestrooms.