Cottage and guesthouse border on the river-basin of the Dommel. This river meanders through our environment from Belgium via Sint-Oedenrode to the river Meuse at Den Bosch. The river-valley  is characterized by lowland fields on either side of the river. Large parts of the Dommel valley are owned by Staatsbosbeheer and Brabants Landschap and assigned as nature reserve areas. Apart from cows, sheep and horses even waterbuffalos and beavers can be spotted in the lowlands near the river.
Another striking fact in this landscape are the river dunes near Vressel. Here the river collides onto a buffer-bank of 5 meters high, which was formed in the early glacial period.

Beautiful nature reserves in the immediate vicinity are the Vressels forest with its Hazenputten and the Moerkuilen and Mosbulten.  At a distance of 500 metres of our cottage you will find a so-called nature gate ‘The Vresselse Hut’. There are several nature gates in Brabant to be recognised by a big key of 4 meters. They are part of walking and cycling networks, ideal starting points to discover the beautiful nature.

Sint Oedenrode is situated at the edge of National landscape Het Groene Woud, an area of 35000 ha in the city triangle Eindhoven, Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch with a lot of nature, forest and heather, nice villages, historical sites and a typical, poplar landscape. Some well-known nature reserves in this triangle are the Scheeken and the Mortelen with their red deer and a little further away the Campina and the Loonsche and Drunense Duinen.

Due to its many nature areas in our surroundings it is an ideal place for walking and cycling. A nice initiative is a short cycle route along toponym benches (toponym = old fieldname) in which one is informed by means of stories and films about the rich history of Sint-Oedenrode.

Of course it is also wonderful to stay in our garden of about 5000 m2 with orchard, frog pool, vegetable garden, large ornamental garden and various ponds. Birds such as robin, thrush, blackbird, wren, great, heron, woodpecker, kingfisher, wagtail and Jay are regular guests.

In short a lovely place to escape the daily stress.


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